Our disciplined but flexible process

Our Process

Crafting Digital Excellence Through a Disciplined Design Process

A process that gets results without limiting our ability to provide unique creative solutions catered specifically for your business.
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Our 7-Step Process

Our 7-step process is meticulously designed to deliver exceptional results, whether it’s a small-scale website or a comprehensive digital platform. Here’s a glimpse into how we bring your vision to life:


Discovery & Planning

Illuminating the Path Ahead

Discovery is an essential part of any web design project, be it a redesign or a completely new website. Many Web Designers undervalue the importance of this process, however, we understand completely how integral this stage is to creating a successful website.

Our Discovery phase includes:

  • Research your business to grasp the products & services it provides, as well as the core values that the website must convey.
  • Analysis of the market landscape, with a keen focus on SEO keyword opportunities.
  • An exploration of your competition to uncover strategic insights and keyword opportunities.
  • Forging a strategic sitemap to lay the foundation for the website’s architecture.
  • A pivotal meeting to review and refine our shared understanding, before moving ahead into the next stage.


Content Development

Words & Imagery That Resonate

Our Content Development phase includes:

  • Crafting captivating copy for every significant page, aligning with your brand voice.
  • Copy that targets those identified keywords chosen to generate traffic for your website
  • A strategy for sourcing & implementing media assets such as images, graphics, videos & audio.
  • A chance to review all of the content and our strategy for implementation


UX Design

Blueprinting Your Customers Experience

UX is a shortening of the term “User Experience”. It is a design discipline that places content and the way that the user engages with that content at the fore.

Our UX Design phase includes:

  • Simple wireframes to illustrate the user experience. Wireframes are like blueprints for how information will appear on a page. 
  • Strategically considered call-to-action elements and conversion points
  • Visual “mockups” of key pages and visual assets that infuse your brand colours and personality into the design canvas
  • A chance for you to review and provide feedback before we develop your website



Translating Vision into Reality

With our Web Development phase we:

  • Forge a custom development journey from scratch, avoiding generic templates.
  • Implement scalable and maintainable practices for a robust digital foundation.
  • Champion accessibility for an inclusive user experience.
  • Craft a fluid and responsive interface that adapts seamlessly across devices.
  • Optimize for a mobile experience, ensuring every pixel resonates.
  • Prioritize speed, performance, and SEO optimization.
  • Deploy your creation, making it accessible to the digital world.



Optimisations for Getting Seen

Our rigorous website publishing checklist ensures nothing is left to chance:

  • We perform a final post-launch link validation check.
  • When replacing an existing site we implement URL Redirections to ensure any existing search engine rankings are not lost.
  • We ensure the different content types such as news, events, products, reviews, FAQs and much more and encoded correctly so that Search Engines can recognise them for what they are. 
  • Generate a sitemap and submit it to search engines so your website is indexed quickly and accurately.
  • Setup Google Analytics as well as other reporting tools as required by your website
  • Prioritize speed, performance, and SEO optimization.
  • Configure automated security, backups, SEO & performance optimisation tools as required by your website.
  • Post-launch SEO report.
  • Post-launch performance report.
  • Post-launch security report.



Nurturing Your Digital Presence

We provide an ongoing hosting, monitoring & performance optimisation service for all websites we build:

  • Empower your website with high-quality hosting, ensuring stability.
  • Fortified security measures, providing a shield against vulnerabilities.
  • Hourly backups and scheduled offsite replication for data protection.
  • Consistently update WordPress and its plugins to stay ahead.
  • Managed plugin licensing for uninterrupted functionality.
  • Fine-tune for speed and optimize accessibility, delivering an unparalleled experience.
  • Implemented analytics tracking to unearth valuable insights.
  • Optional Domain registration & renewals with DNS management are included in service plans. 
  • Tiered service plans scaled to your budget based on the traffic demands of your website. 


Marketing (Optional)

Growing Your Reach

We build great-looking websites that are also built on a foundation of good User Experience Design and best SEO practices. What this can often mean for a locally focused Albany or Great Southern business is that an ongoing marketing strategy is not necessary. 

However, where the online landcape is competitive or your market reach extends beyond the Albany & Great Southern region, an ongoing online marketing strategy will be required.

We provide marketing services with the following features: 

  • Ongoing SEO auditing and refinement.
  • Keyword-focused inbound content marketing for Search Engine traffic growth.
  • Customer engagement strategy and onsite implementation
  • AI technology integrations for streamlining the customer engagement process
  • Analytics and Reporting